Our Environment - Log Sales

Our wide range of wood fuel products only come from sustainable local sources. We go to great efforts to ensure an ethical supply of good wood for our customers, in turn we do not sell our wood to those who intend to use it on open fires or outside fire pits. This practice is a waste of the precious energy we've worked hard to source and defeats our environmental policies. Logs are traditionally sold in many ways, by different sizes of netted bag or bulk bag, by the trailer load or by truck, by weight or simply per log, this is confusing to the end user who wants to understand how much their new wood burning stove is costing to run.

Our research has shown that the best way to monitor how much fuel your wood stove is using is to have a log store where the cubic capacity has been measured. This will act like your energy meter, it doesn't matter what you've been told is on the truck or in the bag, what matters is how full your log store is. For a universal understanding logs should be measured by the cubic meter stacked.

With our log deliveries its not about what it looks like on the truck, we aim to deliver 1m3 or 2m3 of tightly ‘stacked logs’.

By weight softwood and hardwood has similar energy values. By volume (m3 stacked) hardwood has significantly more energy. The varying moisture contents of wood makes for very expensive water if sold by weight. All types of wood have their place, softwood will burn quickly but hot so is great for lighting or reviving the fire.

We have always advised our customers that the most environmentally friendly way to purchase wood fuel and the first port of call should be their local woodland. We support organisations and councils across Essex who actively undertake and encourage sympathetic sustainable woodland management and understand their duty of care with wood fuel supply.

To keep our local woodlands healthy for generations to come, standard practice of woodland management is to leave wood in the woodland to naturally decay. This process leaves much needed habitats for a variety of insects, birds, animals and plants. Removing this wood is illegal and is the very worst environmental crime.

A cord is a traditional measure of the volume of stacked un-chopped firewood. One cord is defined as 128 cubic feet (3.5 m3) which equates to a woodpile 4 feet wide × 4 feet high × 8 feet long. The term "Cord" is believed to be derived from the length of string used to measure the log pile.