As you can see from the chimney portfolio gallery above, chimney engineering has always been an integral part of our business. It became apparent to us over 20 years ago that Essex & London chimneys could not be trusted to accept wood burning and multi fuel stoves without re-building or re-lining the flue. A typical Victorian chimney built around 1890 would have worked hard every winter for at least 70 years before other energy sources took over from the open coal fire.

Many period chimneys were built by craftsmen who understood the importance of a good sound flue that could cope with the acidic fumes released when burning house coal however the chimneys still standing in the 21st century are unfit for prolonged use with any type of fireplace. The structures in essex and London were built using ordinary soft clay bricks and had to regularly cope with temperatures exceeding 600 degrees. There are a few ways that we can reline your chimney. Using a stainless steel flexible flue liner is favourite as the installation technique does not disturb the ancient structure. Adding Anki or Isokern pumice flue liners will give a longer lasting flue lining however may disturb the structure when installed

Modern chimneys usually have their own set of problems that relate to little or no understanding of the modern builder, architect and building inspector.

The gallery above gives a quick overview of our capabilities as chimney specialists. Go to our chimney engineering page to view our in depth case studies.