Open fires... Are you mad? We were...

As you can see from the gallery above, we have installed most types of open fires over the years. Our chimney knowledge came in useful to help these fuel guzzling monsters suck most of the energy up the chimney, polluting the local environment. Even when not in use they continue to rapidly pull warm air from the house.

We no longer offer our services, fuels or products for open fires

However you can tap into the many design ideas found in our previous open fire installation portfolio dating back to our early days in the 1990's with bespoke open fireplaces made with new reproduction and antique oak, slate, marble, granite and reclaimed bricks to create modern, contemporary and traditional centrepieces

It seems ridiculous to us that; in modern times, with the economic climate, high fuel prices and depleting resources, anybody would consider opening up a hole in the roof of their home to burn fuel in the way our ancestors did 500 years ago. Just for the romance?

Most British open fires were and still are designed to burn coal at up to 25% efficiency. Burning wood on these fires is at best 10% efficient because of the fast flow of under air needed for coal burning. Open gas fires are worse still, you may as well be burning bank notes for the minimal heat delivered.

Most of us think of high efficiency as the ugly white box, bolted to the wall, giving us hot water when we want it.

Hopefully, we can show you that there is a modern high efficiency wood burning stove from Charnwood, Clearview, Contura or Morso that not only full fills the caveman ‘ambience’ you desire but, actually, the function and controllability of the dancing flame picture, safely satisfies any budding pyromaniac.

Wood burning stove technology is now achieving up to 85% efficiency. In real terms, for every 8 logs we source from the woodland, used on an open fire, there could be 8 good wood stoves that each give the same amount of energy of that 1 open fire. Madness!