Our Environment - Bespoke Eco Furniture

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At Scarlett's we believe some wood is too good to be used as fuel. As part of necessary woodland management we remove oak trees that are suffocating the biodiversity of that area. Not all architecture needs specific dimensions, we look to the oak our woodland wants to give us and then create around its specifications. The results are stunning pieces of unique bespoke tables, bespoke benches and all types of furniture.

From woodland management to workshop to the installation of the bespoke oak eco furniture by Scarlett @ Design a fireplace

Our craftsman mixes traditional and modern techniques to produce timeless pieces of practical art that will be used for many generations to come. Our picture frames, ornaments, furniture, kitchens, hand carved fireplace mantels and log stores, are made from locally sourced raw and reclaimed materials. We invite customers to get involved with the process, guiding you through every stage; from the design, to the woodland, to the workshop and installation of the final product.

Bespoke oak tables, chairs, benches, kitchens, fireplace mantels by Scarlett @ Design a fireplace