Chimney Engineering - Stainless Steel Chimney Systems

Stainless steel chimney systems are a popular choice for adding a working chimney into an existing property. The method of installation allows less disturbance than building a brick chimney and can aid in creating minimal fireplace designs.

Stainless steel chimney systems are constructed from an internal stainless steel pipe that is surrounded by a second larger stainless steel pipe. The void between the pipes is filled with an insulating material to keep the high temperatures inside the internal pipe. Chimney systems are tested to ensure that even in the most extreme heat conditions, the outer skin is cool enough not to transfer the heat to surrounding combustible materials such as wooden joists. As with many products in our industry there is a large variation in quality between manufacturers. All may pass basic tests on the day of testing otherwise they cannot be sold in this country, however how long they will hold their integrity is anyone's guess. Some inferior products have badly designed components that make it almost impossible in tight working conditions to guarantee the correct or intended method of installation.

A wood burning stove chimney will have to cope with condensation and temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius in the event of a chimney fire. In today's world all successful products are copied with the intention of selling cheap, we think skimping on such a product as a chimney that runs through the heart of your building is complete madness. The stoves we sell will last a lifetime, the chimney that serves these stoves should do the same

We have inspected many of the stainless steel chimney systems on the market and always return to the manufacturer ‘Poujalait’ that we have successfully used for many years without issue.

As traditional chimney builders we are adamant that a traditional brick chimney is the ultimate long lasting option.

All stainless steel chimney systems need a certain air gap from combustible materials as it passes through the property. The air gap necessary varies between manufacturers. Poujalait chimney systems need a 50 mm gap.

In some situations the unsightly stainless steel chimney can be disguised as a traditional brick chimney with the use of a brick slip casing.