Log Burning Stove and Chimney Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance

After 20 years as solid fuel specialists we understand that the high quality stove products required for modern wood burning will be subjected to extreme temperatures, caustic fumes and moisture for prolonged periods. To ensure the expected long-life of your product it is advisable to undertake regular servicing and maintenance.

The most important maintenance work is to sweep the chimney at least once per year if burning seasoned wood on a high efficiency wood burning stove. If you are using a low quality stove, wet wood or running your stove low for long periods we would advise sweeping your chimney at least every three months when in use. We only recommend a handful of time served professional chimney sweeps that have a good knowledge of the products we install.

The purpose of a service is to revive your fireplace and make it look and work like the day we fitted it. Some basic wood burning stoves will require little more than a good clean and re-spray with attention to the door rope seals and stove pipe cement joints. Some of the more complex appliances will need a full annual service; this will include cleaning, inspecting and testing specific design features.

The preferred time of year for servicing and maintenance is in the spring and summer to avoid problems when the appliance is needed.


Open fires/stoves, cookers and chimneys can be dangerous if built or fitted incorrectly. Always ensure your fitter has adequate experience. Recent interest in wood burning stoves has seen thousands attend short theory based HETAS courses and then self teach their new trade on the job, in your home, resulting in large variations of the quality of working practices.