Evening Echo Green Campaign

Evening Echo Green Campaign
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Burning issue of reducing emissions.

Jason Scarlett is an entrepreneur with a difference. As one of the last registered solid fuel and chimney engineers in Essex, he is pioneering a unique project that will reduce our impact on the environment in more ways than one. Jason, 35, from Southend, has spent 15 years supplying, installing and servicing real coal fires in people’s homes, but this form of heating is dying out. “People have started to realise that coal is a fossil fuel and burning it unlocks carbon that’s bad for the environment,” explained Jason. “But wood is cheaper and it’s also green to burn – it’s totally carbon neutral.” After extensive research, Jason started looking into the wood-burning stove and discovered it’s possibly one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient forms of heating there is. By connecting a wood burning stove to the boiler or central heating, a whole house can be heated on logs alone. This will cut carbon emissions by 100 per cent and will also save money on heating bills.There are also Government grants available for installation on some types of stove. Contact the Low Carbon Buildings Programme on 0800 915 0990 for more information.Jason now sells, installs and services wood-burning stoves from his showroom in London Road, Southend. Full article available here: Evening Echo website""