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Scarlett Fireplaces supply and install many types of chimney flue liner, each designed, sized and graded for different requirements.

To determine the exact flue product needed for your chosen appliance, always check the manufacturers' recommendations or contact us for chimney liner installation advice.
 Most old brick chimneys were built for small open fires and the internal flue size was usually 225mm x 225mm (one brick) square. The largest stainless steel flexible liner we can fit into a typical chimney as a standard reline has a 175mm internal diameter. Larger concrete/pumice flues can be added with further structural disturbance. In some cases, due to your existing chimney being undersized or badly built a unique method of installation will be governed by the age and style of property.
The main aim of insulating a flue is to ensure the unburned gasses (smoke) from an appliance reach outside without cooling and condensing on the way, creating a sticky tar build up.

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Our unique experience of chimney liner installation compliments the high level of quality that our chimney flue products demand and ensures long lasting safe operation as should be expected in the 21st Century.

The soft clay bricks used in the original chimney construction and the age of many of our local houses requires a certain standard of installation. Always remember deciding not to reline or to reline badly is putting the occupiers or neighbours at risk of fume inhalation or a house fire.

Relining a chimney properly enhances the efficiency of your chosen fire, gives you piece of mind and allows us to sleep at night.

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