Brick Chimney Pointing

Re-pointing Brick Chimneys in Essex and London

Over the years the original brick mortar pointing erodes and falls out. If left unattended a chimney structure can start to move or collapse .

Re-pointing the brickwork by raking out the loose mortar and replacing with like for like lime mortar will strengthen the chimney for another generation. As part of the re-pointing work, Scarlett Fireplaces replace crumbling stock clay bricks where required to ensure a long lasting safe chimney structure.

Do It Properly

Brick chimney with new pointing Brick chimney stacks have a hard life as exposed structures above roof level. Prevailing wind directions and local weather patterns can erode parts of a chimney while other sections are sheltered from the extremes of winter. This phenomenon can lead to a chimney leaning to one side because the other side of the stack is kept warmer and so temperature expansion and subtraction causes the structure to move slowly in a certain direction.

To simply patch point parts of the chimney where mortar has eroded is not good practice. We find many chimneys that have had different types of mortar or render added at different times across the structure, in some cases the brickwork is such a mess that rebuilding is the only option. 

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