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open wood burning fire
open cast iron gas fire
open gas fire with pebbles
german style open fire
antique stone gas fire
contemporary open gas fire with log store
stone open gas fire
large brick inglenook open gas fire
framed open gas fire
real open coal fire
Chesneys open fireplace

At Scarlett fireplaces, we stopped offering our services and products for open fires in 2005 because of their inefficiencies and the excessive smoke particulate pollution they create.

 We have installed most types of open fires before 2005. Our chimney knowledge came in useful to help these fuel guzzling monsters suck most of the energy up the flue, polluting the local environment. Even when not in use they continue to rapidly pull warm air from the house.It seems ridiculous to us that; in modern times, with the economic climate, high fuel prices and depleting resources, anybody would consider opening up a hole in the roof of their home to burn fuel in the way our ancestors did 500 years ago. Just for the romance?

High Efficiency Can Look Traditional

Open fire with inset stove

We understand the reservations of some that adding a stove was not the intention of the original architects and builders. Did you fall in love with your old house because of its original features or because you wanted to live like a Georgian?
Inset stoves can be fitted into some original Essex & London open fire chamber

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